Tarp Grip

Tarp Grip™. The tarp fasteners. 
The grips are so versatile that you can wear them outdoors wherever you go. They come in handy when building shelters, putting up tents while camping, or even quickly securing a tarp to protect the load in your truck. Tarp Grips are designed to give you a quick solution when you need to tie a rope, secure a tarp, secure a cable, or hang any kind of roof covering to create a canopy. The Tarp Grip can be used with any type of fabric or tarp. They are especially effective with tarpaulins that do not have holes for fastening. The design is so simple that in a matter of seconds, you can secure your tarpaulin in the position you want without damaging it. 
The inspiration behind the Tarp Grip was the ingenuity of scouts and pioneers in the past. They used a small round stone or lump to create a grip on the tarp where the hole was torn or didn’t exist. This tarpaulin fastening technique is effective but not stable. This product has been developed to achieve maximum effect regardless of fabrics or conditions of use. You no longer need to look for stones and pinecones if you have the Tarp Grips.