My patented products

Cedar Aroma Pyramid

The simplest things often make the most sense — philosophically, aesthetically, pragmatically — and what could be simpler than a piece of wood? Warm, reassuring, elegant — wood makes sense and, with the Cedar Aroma Pyramid, makes scents as well. Let … Read More


Getting playful in the kitchen just got a whole lot easier… and kid-friendly. Introducing Tic-Tac-Trivet – the age-old game recast as a support for your teapot, pan or pot. Four pairs of magnets keep double-sided square wooden blocks – with a bas-relief X on … Read More

SkyLine Mug

Drinking coffee has become not only a social norm, but also a traditional custom all over the world. This makes selling associated specialty items such as coffee cups a viable business enterprise in many marketplaces. Of course, other beverages are … Read More

Edible Spoon Maker

Designed like an electric waffle iron, The Edible Spoon Maker lets you bake delicious, edible spoons that you can eat with any meal. It uses store-bought dough or homemade recipes and you can add virtually any ingredient for that extra pop … Read More

Tarp Grip

Tarp Grip™. The tarp fasteners. The grips are so versatile that you can wear them outdoors wherever you go. They come in handy when building shelters, putting up tents while camping, or even quickly securing a tarp to protect the load … Read More