SkyLine Mug

Drinking coffee has become not only a social norm, but also a traditional custom all over the world. This makes selling associated specialty items such as coffee cups a viable business enterprise in many marketplaces. Of course, other beverages are welcomed by this definitive piece. The Skyline Mug is creative, visibly beautiful, and most importantly it is eco-friendly. The skyline aspect of the cup takes a different spin on the instantly recognizable symbol of New York. The skyline is beautiful, distinctive, and recognized across the globe.

The tall skyscrapers, which remind us that the sky is not really the limit, overlook the Hudson River that unites the boroughs it touches. This inspired design of the skyline makes this cup not only practical, but also a piece of art.

This mug makes a perfect souvenir for tourists, travelers, collectors, and anyone who loves to see the skyline with every sip. With this mug, which is big enough to hold your morning dose, you can wake up and have your coffee with the city that never sleeps. Fill the cup to fully embody the bold but beautiful obstruction that is NYC in the sky.