Artist’s statement


Anatoliy Omelchenko

I’m specializing over 15 years in corporate identity, logo design, publication design, web design UI design, packaging, – both independently and as a design team member – for the technology, healthcare, consumer, and financial markets.

Recently I started working as an inventor and industrial designer. I have done many projects (industrial design) from concept to completion and I launched 3 successful projects on Kickstarter over the past three years: the Skyline Cup, the Crop Circle Towel, and the electricity-free Bamboo Speaker

My goal is to create functionally and aesthetically simple products and devices that can become eco-friendly substitutes for the ones we use today. Taking the simplicity of nature, I design these objects so that they require few resources and little energy to create. Optimizing the use of resources ensures minimal waste and makes future recycling easier.

This approach to design goes a long way toward saving the natural resources currently being depleted by industry. These are objects of the future, and I hope that more and more people join me on the path to creating a sustainable, eco-friendly planet by using them and giving feedback.

Please feel free to call me: 646-250-9405 or at email.


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